Finding Your Pathway to Teaching

Steps to Becoming a Teacher
  • Four-Year College Student
    For those who are in college and have decided to become a teacher

  • Paraeducator
    For those who are paraprofessionals and already working in the classroom

  • Career Changer
    For those who have been in another career and are considering the teaching profession

  • Foreign Degree Holder
    For those who have a university degree from another country and would like to become a teacher in California
    Foreign Transcript Evaluation
    Agencies Accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
    • Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute
      (310) 275-3530
      (800) 234-1597

    • Academic & Professional International Evaluations, Inc.
      (562) 594-6498

    • American Education Research Corporation
      (626) 339-4404

    • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
      (414) 289-3412

    • Educational Records Evaluation Service
      (916) 921-0790

    • Institute for International Credentials Evaluations at California State University, Fresno
      (559) 278-7622

    • International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
      Credentials Evaluation Service

      (310) 258-9451

    • World Education Services Application for Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials
      (212) 966-6311
      (415) 677-9378
      (800) 414-0147

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